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(Note of intent for a collective website project) The publication of a thought often passes through a norm (academic, legal, journalistic – protocol in any case) where the fresh idea, the instantaneous, can’t seem to find its place. Errors, sketches, dictaphone memos and notebook margins, on the other hand, are not bound by any rules, and so often belong only to their own medium. 

Writings remain, drafts expire.

Yet it’s in front of these images, texts and sounds that other thoughts can blossom – through these pieces possessing the virtues of dreams.


We’re not proposing to found an opposition party here, but an additional and different meeting place that dialogues with all forms of meditated objects. Contents disconnected from their genres whose destination is unknown to us.

It’s also an opportunity to try out other mediums outside our comfort zones: collaborating, inviting each other, experimenting without a plan. Ultimately, to conceive of the generation of ideas and concepts as an animated object possessing erroneous behavior – a glitch – of impromptu, involuntary encounters, breaks and conventions, in a visual and sonic anarchy. Our aim is to help knowledge and know-how emerge through the sight and experience of collective or solitary interactions.

The site is thus conceived as a jovial, playful place where the user plays more than consults. They shape the clay of the pages, improvising their own earthquakes and groupings of ideas through the use of lacerations in the visual space. It’s up to him to create an impulsive, personal algorithmic mashup – to walk the path – to find himself on tout le trajet.

Melos Han-Tani – Center City Cenote (OST Anodyne 2 : Return to Dust)


Digging through an old discord created with three friends(Rrrrrose Azerty, Rob and Pierre Brissiaud❤️), A couple of years ago, I rediscovered this text – a manifesto (dare we say it) – which served as a note of intent for the creation of a creative platform – which never saw the light of day, the fault of time, of my not having committed myself totally to it. Today, at the opening of a medium like Point’n Think, I dedicate these words to this new project. Because even if this one is different, and is run by other people, the desire is the same: to take part in collaborative experiences, brimming with desire and passion.

Rrrrrose Azerty – Fermons une plage (Sur tout le trajet OST)

Sketch of design ideas for the collaborative site (2018)

Personal sketchbook of an imaginary game called Infini

Invited by Julien, I was inspired to create a concept for Point’n Think, in the form of a crazy, overflowing editorial, like the one above. The idea was to come and work on a web beach, a space bounded by land and ocean, which would allow us to watch the video game from a shore, giving Internet users (pilots of other vessels) the desire to then sail elsewhere, to other archipelagos. For Point’n Think, I’d like you to meet here each month to open a package of images, music, videos, voice notes, prototypes, games, etc. – thematic corpora, mood boards with plenty of appetizers, to write and punctuate differently. In a wave that repeats itself, ad vitam, in a loop, that repeats itself (again), Aux armes et cætera.

Today it’s a tutorial zone, a preface to other editorials to come, to pay homage to what didn’t happen (the Infini·r  collective – that was its name). Perhaps so as not to start from nothing. To bear witness to the previous relays in our lives, and to say hello, with a message, to the opening of the site, to welcome you to Point’n Think. Like a typical video game call to adventure, with the landscape in the distance and the promise of the horizon. Like a battle theme heard for the first time and which will accompany you throughout your stay in a major JRPG.

Noriyuki Iwadare – Fight! (Grandia II OST)

AD/ VITAM/ ETC/ is thus a new personal practice for thinking about video games and creation in general, to share with you all sorts of thoughts, margins and objects that come my way – to create links, to weave, to embroider. 

& Leave it until next time

& keep taking steps

Ad vitam


American Football – Stay Home / The One With The Wurlitzer (Live at Webster Hall, NYC, NY)

– Really? That’s it? 😭

– Yes, but we’ll be back very soon for the first proper editorial, I promise. 😜

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