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Point’n Think is the result of our passion for the world of video games. We don’t just fly over subjects and works, we dive deep and scrutinize every pixel, trying to get a unique perspective.

Our aim? To offer you an authentic, immersive experience. We go beyond the simple media coverage that can be found all over the web by exploring the hidden stories behind each game.

Where others merely skim the surface, we dig deeper. Every game is a story, every studio is made up of people we want to meet and give a voice to: the developers, the artists, the composers, the writers, all those talents who breathe magic into every pixel. Our aim is to put them in the spotlight, share their passion and let you into their lives and their captivating projects. But our goal doesn’t stop there: we’re also going to offer you a wide range of formats, from essays to artistic analyses to in-depth reviews.

We want to offer an alternative to prove that culture and art can be treated in a way other than for the sake of likes, and offer something other than journalistic fast-food. We want to offer original content, fresh angles of analysis and not get frustrated by the length of our features.

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‘In journalism, the honest man is the one who gets paid for the opinion he has; the dishonest man is the one who gets paid for the opinion he doesn’t have’


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